My Gmail.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New features pt. 2

I have all those new features mentioned yesterday enabled on my account. I am happy with new address book. Apart from Name, Primary Email and Notes fields we can add additional sections (named as we want), in which by default we receive: Phone, Email, Address fields. We can add other fields like Mobile, Fax, Pager, IM, Company, Title, Other. Unfortunately we can't rename them. After playing a while with the sections I have found one annoying thing - adding a section is easy, but deleting it is impossible. So be careful. Another feature is that we can select multiple contacts, then press Compose button and all the selected addresses will be in To: field. Clicking on a contact entry will display its personal card with all informations edited by us and all mails written to or received from this person. Unfortunately formatting of the text isn't very good. Some fields are cutted. Doesn't look too great. Another new feature is that content of More Actions menu is changed dynamically depending of what actions are available. For instance, when message is unread we can click Mark as read, and vice versa, when message is read we can Mark as unread it. It makes user interface cleaner. What's more? We can forward messages to another email address. While doing this we can keep Gmail's copy in Inbox, archive it or move it to Trash. We can define filters which will forward messages fulfilling our criterias automatically. As you can see Gmail is evolving and more comfortable to use.