My Gmail.

Friday, April 01, 2005

First birthday

Exactly one year ago Google started its own free mail accounts system. Nobody believed in that news because of the day (1st April) and size of the storage (1 GB). At that times it was a huge leap in email offerings. When reviews of Gmail started to be published in computer press madness has started. To register Gmail account an invitation is needed, so people started to sell those on eBay. Just imagine - a free email account cost fortune! But as days have passed more and more forums with free invites started to appear. Right now isnoop has over 6500000 invitations to give away for free. Google's step has changed the world. Times of few MBs accounts are gone. Now most of the major players upgraded their free email plans. Unfortunately Gmail still lacks some of functionality available there. Gmail is not so popular these days. Why should I get new account when my old one has been upgraded?